Water and Sewage Design Consultancy


Water and Sewage Design Consultancy.

Areas of Achievement: 

Leadership Development, Team Harmony, Team Productivity, Business Systems and Processes, Planning and Accountability, Profitability.

Our Work with Qalchek:

We’ve began working with Qalchek after they attended one of our Business Mastery courses. We organised for them to access funding through the (then) Enterprise Connect program which effectively paid for half of our consulting fees for the 1st 12 months. They continued working with us on a regular basis after that initial 12 months to help them to achieve continued growth. 

 Qalchek was already a well-established and profitable business when we started working with them, however the owners knew that they needed professional business advice and training to help them better manage the business. As with many growing businesses, the owners were becoming busier and busier and were finding it difficult to get the senior team members to take on more responsibility. The team was willing but there was a gap between their enthusiasm and the skills needed for them to take on more responsibility. There was also a divide between the various departments because of the growing number of staff and the lack of time for the senior managers to manage their teams and the communication between the departments.

 We initially conducted a confidential staff survey to get feedback from the team, generate ideas and get them involved in the change management process. We then held team meetings to “flesh out” the feedback from the surveys and work with the team to develop an action plan to improve communication and work processes within and between the various departments.

 The team meetings also uncovered a need for the management team to learn skills to help them step up in their leadership roles. We implemented a more structured team management approach which included regular team meetings, improved job scheduling and tracking, resetting expectations with team members and a simpler and more effective performance review and goal setting process.

 As the senior managers were able to take on more responsibility, the Managing Director was freed up to conduct more structured team training sessions (both group and 1-on-1 training) which allowed the business to continue to improve the skills of the team and take a further load off the senior people.

 Qalchek have grown substantially in the last 2 years with record monthly revenues and profits and a team of nearly 30 people. They recently employed an Operations Manager to manage the job scheduling, human resources and accounting functions to allow the senior team to focus on business development and team training activities. We continue to implement a quarterly review and planning process plus meet with them fortnightly to provide support, set goals and keep them accountable and on-track towards the achievement of their plan.