Importer and supplier of equipment, consumables and maintenance services to the signage industry


Importer and supplier of equipment, consumables and maintenance services to the signage industry


Areas of Achievement: 

Business Management and Leadership, Sales Management, Team Management and Development, Business Systems and Processes, Financial Management, Time Management, Planning and Accountability

Our Work with Pozitive:

Pozitive was referred to us by their accountant. The business had already been established for over 20 years when we started working with them and had been recently acquired by long-term employee Philip Trumble and his wife Andrea. Since their ownership, the business had grown quickly and was becoming more difficult to manage.

The initial brief was for us to help their managers step up and take more responsibility for their departments, and be less reliant on Philip to get involved. While this was definitely needed, we also felt that Philip and Andrea needed far more structure in their own roles and how they managed the team.

We introduced a discipline of quarterly goal setting and planning, clarified roles and expectations for the senior management team, introduced weekly meetings between Philip and his managers, including meeting agendas and documented actions, and we trained the team on time management strategies so they also felt more in control and organised. Once established, this routine led to Philip and Andrea having far more control over their business and the performance of their team. Plus it freed them up from the day-to-day so that they could take holidays and get more balance with their young family.

Over the next 12 months we worked with the internal accountant to establish better processes and accurate financial reporting, we helped to set sales budgets, we worked with the sales manager to review and improve the performance of the sales team and we ran team training and workshops to generate ideas and to get the team involved in the future direction of the business.

Pozitive now has an extremely loyal team of 20 and they have expanded from Sydney into Melbourne. The team love the family-friendly culture and the focus on service quality that Philip and Andrea have created. We continue to work with Pozitive to help them expand further and remain focused on the professional management of the business.

“An excellent team providing personalised service. Knowledgeable and systemised, their coaching style is easy to follow whilst keeping you accountable. Great having Anil and the team as part of our growth strategy.” Andrea Trumble