Importer and retailer of designer corporate and residential furniture


Importer and retailer of designer corporate and residential furniture.

Areas of Achievement: 

Sales Management, Organisational Structure, Financial Management, Business Systems and Processes, Planning and Accountability, Team Management.

Our Work with Cult Design:

We initially started working with CULT Design (then Corporate Culture) after they attended a seminar that we ran for their accountant. This initial engagement was for close to 3 years. Since then we have kept in touch and assisted them with various small projects and advice. We recently re-engaged with CULT and are now working with them on a regular basis to help them to continue to grow and develop the business.

 CULT Design is an icon in the high-end Australian design community. It was established in 1997 and has showrooms across Australia and New Zealand, plus an enviable reputation for quality furniture and high standards of customer service. Since we started working with them in 2009 CULT has grown from 24 staff to now have 40 staff and more than double the revenue.

 As with most of our mid-sized clients, we first conducted a confidential staff survey to get feedback from the team, generate ideas and get them involved in the change management process. We then held a meeting with the senior management team to develop an action plan and to get their full buy-in to the process. The management team was enthusiastic and willing to take on more responsibility but they needed a more structured approach to goal setting, prioritisation and business planning. The business was excellent at setting a strategic direction and generating ideas, but less effective at implementing the strategies, especially as the business continued to grow in size and complexity.

 We implemented our 90 Day Planning process into the business which included establishing a 90 Day Plan for each departmental manager. We also implemented more structured weekly meetings to keep the management team on-track and accountable to the achievement of their individual plans. In addition to the this, we tightened up the way the sales team was managed, with regular 1-on-1 meetings and weekly reporting of sales activity, projections and results.

 These changes meant that there was a more structured and consistent approach to the implementation of the strategic plan. The next step was to review the organisation structure, including the roles needed and the required level of experience for various functions. This resulted in a restructuring of the sales team to provide more sales support for the sales reps to allow them to spend more time with clients. We also recruited a senior internal accountant to improve the financial reporting and management capabilities of the business. This person was also able to work with the operational managers to improve processes across the business.

 The work we did with CULT Design provided them with the foundation for the next level of growth. It put in place functional managers with more responsibility for developing their part of the business and a planning process to ensure that strategies were implemented by these functional managers. It also freed up experienced sales staff from administrative tasks to focus on greater client contact which led to greater sales.